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View Diary: 'Discrimination' does not mean what Raul Labrador thinks it means (28 comments)

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    by many conservative Christians, to ask them not to discriminate,  to ask them to respect others' civil rights in any way in the public sphere is to deprive them of their right to worship.   The big stink they caused about adding gender id and sexual orientation to the San Antonio non discrimnation policy is an example.

    The lies they spin.   Atheists aren't people who don't believe in god, that is agnostics.  Atheists are radicals who know there is no god and are trying to pass laws to stop religious worship in this country.  There is a war on Christians.   When the right wingers talk about a Christian Nation they only mean Christianity has always been part of the culture, they don't want to pass christianist laws.  

    You can almost go down a laundry list of Faux News talking points and what they pass around on their church blogs and websites.   They are being persecuted.  What they do to other people,  God's will and it is all for their own good.

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