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View Diary: Will Ted Cruz filibuster his way to disaster? (78 comments)

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  •  It's not about Obamacare, it's about Sequester (0+ / 0-)

    The whole Obamacare threat is a head fake.  They'll back off Obamacare during the budget fight, pass a continuing resolution, and scream Obama wouldn't negotiate.  Then they'll bring it back during the debt ceiling, and at the last minute, drop it for Sequester II.  Now the Dems are in a box.  The public likes deficit reduction and they didn't see any problems with the first Sequester.  If the Dems let the country go over the cliff over debt reduction, they'll get all the blame.

    The Dems haven't put anything on the table except "don't defund Obamacare", in the last minutes of this fight, they won't have anything to bargain with against another Sequester offer and they'll be forced to cave.

    Liberatarians are far more concerned with defunding the Government than with Obamacare.

    •  I don't think it will unfold that way (0+ / 0-)

      pollwatcher, I doubt the general public is following all of this, except possibly that it is the Republicans who are talking about shutting down government or not letting the debt ceiling rise.

      Last time, Obama thought that the black cloud of sequester would force a reasonably sensible resolution of the budget issues. Now he knows better.

      Whether it is shutting down the government or not raising the ceiling, Obama is not going to tolerate another sequester.

      Besides, it is Republicans who will pay the price in 2014 and 2016.

      •  How do the Dems get out of the box? (0+ / 0-)

        I certainly hope you're right, but what options will Obama and the Dems have when the R's give them what they said they wanted (untouched Obamacare) but then demand deficit reduction, which polls show the public wants?  Now it's the Dems who will send the country into default because they're not willing to reduce the debt, which the public very much wants.

        If the Dems don't demand something big they can trade for Obamacare, we're going to get more budget cuts.

        •  but the deficit IS going down..... (0+ / 0-)

          The adminsitration should make much more of this, imho.

          Then explain a bit why more sequester is a Bad Thing.

        •  Short term CR (0+ / 0-)

          This is a CR to cover government expenses for October 1 - December 15, ten weeks.

          The Affordable Care Act: that's a thing, a law, that has an identity, a name. People can understand the difference between wanting it and hating it.

          The deficit is amorphous. It's also going down already.

          In past polls that I've seen, the deficit was something like #4 or #5 on the respondents' list of priorities.

          Republicans added bitter pills like making the sequester permanent and defunding the Affordable Care Act. They had to have known the Senate would strip out all the goop, like these, and pass a clean CR, then send it back to the House. If the House then fails to pass a CR that the Senate will pass, the blame will go to the Republicans.

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