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View Diary: I am Tired of the Taxpayers Paying For Food For Rich People (229 comments)

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  •  Those of us who went through NAFTA know (9+ / 0-)

    how devastating the TPP will be to workers, but too many people who call themselves Democrats are supporting it because they know it is part of Obama's agenda.

    And that is representative of the obstacles that we face: the people on this site constantly hammer republicans who support big business policies instead of acting in the best interests of their constituents (and I support that), but they refuse to acknowledge that the president is supporting the same policies. So, that keeps us from taking action.

    If you hate the sequestration because it is eliminating programs that feed poor people, then you can't blame the republicans alone...the sequestration was half the president's fault...

    There are millions of us who want to stop the corruption, but we can't be effective because we have a group of Democrats who are trying to defeat the traditional Democratic agenda.

    At some point, we have to quit complaining and take action...

    Thanks night cat...nice rant.

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