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View Diary: Anti-Immigrant Politics and Lessons for the GOP from California (3 comments)

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  •  Let me suggest that the ethnicity of the (1+ / 0-)
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    of the electorate is incidental and the election of Schwarzeneger sort of proves it. The adherents of the Republican party are hierarchists. That is, they are committed to a stratified society made up of the rulers and the ruled because they are convinced that, in order for humans to behave and do good, they have to be promised a reward. Also, a stratified society that's based on origins lets the proponents feel better about themselves than everyone else. That, if they're on top someone else has to be beneath is incidental.
    So what happened after the segregation of African Americans and Natives was declared illegal was that some other population had to be found to take the bottom rung and spanish speaking immigrants, being easy to identify by their accents, were it. But, again, the identifier was incidental. The object was to segregated some population and have them assume the inferior position. Schwarzeneger, ironically, proves this because, having been elevated to a leadership position despite his strong accent and foreign birth created the impression in the minds of spanish speaking citizens that the Republican party had left segregation behind. But it hadn't. Arnold obviously shared the mindset of the original hierarchists, rather than the achievement-dependent hierarchy in which his wife's family believes. Never mind that Arnold being married to a Democrat made people believe he had reformist instincts, which he didn't. Indeed, his ability to commit to any obligations turned out to be a sham.

    Republicans are segregationists -- not because they dislike the people they seek to subordinate, but because they need to believe in a natural human hierarchy. If they abhor anything, it's equality. That's why the equality that's espoused by gay marriage drives them 'round the bend. Equality is a threat to hierarchy. Moreover, if humans can't be birthed into a higher rank, how can they avoid being left behind?
    You see, Dubya's slogan, "no child left behind," was also deceptive. Hispanics thought it was addressed to them. It wasn't. It was addressed to all the hierarchists whom the achievement focused society was threatening to leave behind--all the people who, like Dubya, can't understand what they read. Don't forget our adult population has a functional illiteracy rate of 30% and that's not because they read Spanish.

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