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View Diary: Destroying the Economy, Destroying Lives — The Free Market Ain’t (5 comments)

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  •  I think you need to distinguish between (0+ / 0-)

    employment and income. The people in the 1% are not employed. At best, they are employers. Their income stream is derived by demanding and commanding the subservience of others. Currency serves as the middleman, so the subservience is not as easy to perceive. But it is there.
    It may seem ironic, but Willard was correct when he referred to himself as unemployed. Even the assets he had managed to amass weren't being managed by himself. No doubt, he even had subordinates to shave his face and comb his hair.

    The Cons command because they have no control over themselves.

    Anyway, the "free market" refers to taking free goods to market for a profit. The market is the venue where middlemen accumulate assets via legalized crime. Unlike the highwaymen of old, who restricted passage in order to take a toll, the legalized merchant defines the venue into which all who enter must pay. The chambers of commerce are mere adjuncts. Their object is to insure that ad hoc transactions on the street corner or highway do not occur. The law serves to guarantee the market's monopoly.
    Which is why trade on the internet is such a threat. The traditional marketplace stands a good chance of being destroyed.
    Serves the merchants right. Had they been content to stay in the inner cities, where people actually live, instead of setting up shop along the highway, where they are only accessible to people in cages on wheels, they wouldn't have set the stage for their own demise. Monolithic malls are like so many sarcophagi for commercial enterprise.

    The seven deadly sin, obsessive manifestations of basic instincts, are called that because, in the long run, they are self-destructive. American free enterprise is the architect of its own demise. Fortunately, most of the obsession has been with the virtual, rather than the real, and is relatively easy to reverse.

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