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View Diary: Abbreviated pundit roundup: House GOP votes to take away food from millions of Americans (127 comments)

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  •  The base wants its pols to compete to be more evil (5+ / 0-)

    I think we should see the current policy competition in the House as a race for the favor of their base, with potential national Party power implications as the likelihood of a new Speaker rises.  Those Republican Tea Party Congresscritters see a political risk on their right, the gerrymandered districts otherwise protecting their tenure for at least another 8 years.  So, your perception and mine doesn't matter, and for sure the hungry kids and grannies don't matter to them.  Like the "tough on crime" and "strong on defense" memes, being anti-safety net is a contest where the real world implications are ignored except insofar as the power relationships in Washington are concerned.  

    My grandmother, lifelong rockribbed plutocratic Republican that she was, would have called down shame on those Representatives because the poor were not an abstraction to her.  We should do no less, but that's not enough.  It seems to me that the pols are following their base, and the base is where the leverage is.  That is where the shame should be directed.  Starving grannies matter to their families, who are the Republican base often enough to make a difference.  The key here is to connect anti-safety net policies to real world, home town stories.  There are many recent examples of how to do that: MADD comes immediately to mind.

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