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View Diary: The Rise and Fall of ALEC Nation (65 comments)

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  •  ALEC has already done so much damage (0+ / 0-)

    ALEC has been around for decades--they are only now being exposed to public view. They've been operating behind the scenes for eons, and many "red state" legislators are wholly owned by ALEC and their minions. ALEC has focussed at the state level, while a lot of journalists and citizens alike only pay attention to national news.

    ALEC has thrived in secrecy. Nobody knew about them for so long. I found out about them a decade ago by asking a lobbyist I knew: Why do these rightwing legislators promote these wingnut cookie cutter ideas, when their constituents clearly must have other concerns? Do these folks not have any original ideas, ever?  Then the lobbyist explained ALEC, and it's connection to big political money. ALEC was why the same crazy laws were being proposed from Oklahoma to Carolina, sometimes without changing a word. ANd ALEC paid for these state legislators to come up for the indoctrination sessions.

    My state legislature is practically a wholly owned subsidiary of ALEC.

    But it makes a difference when you can get the names of legislators, and start questioning them about their involvement. Many are embarrassed; they're busted, because they are just secretaries of the Koch brothers.

     And also the business supporters of ALEC are vulnerable when you bring this up.

    Shine a big light on ALEC--and thanks to this diarist for doing that.

    •  Yes, ALEC has been around for a while (0+ / 0-)

      This has been pretty well documented for several years on DKOS.

      My point is that I do not see in the original diary any evidence of the "fall" of ALEC as asserted in the original title. As you point out, TN, it is still going strong. I agree that ALEC needs to be exposed in every possible way, as that kind of transparency may be its eventual undoing. But will that happen before the damage they do cripples our nation? I have my doubts.

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