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View Diary: Linux Creator Admits NSA Demanded Backdoor (43 comments)

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  •  Fascinating stuff here: (0+ / 0-)

    I found this to a link on Barton Gellman's twitter feed.  It's an official EU Parliament report on the recent NSA spying disclosures and how it affects the EU.  What's MOST interesting to me, though, is the recommendations section beginning on page 29.  Too much to cut and paste.   But it suggests criminal sanctions and stiff, stiff penalties against American (or other) providers that violate EU privacy protections.  It also suggests that EU cloud networking have a strong privacy standard which precludes most American vendors.  

    I'll quote this part.  This is very interesting:

    Whistle-Blowers’ Protection and Incentives


    Systematic protection and incentives for whistle-blowers should be introduced in the new Regulation. Whistle-blowers should be given strong guarantees of immunity  and asylum, and awarded 25% of any fine consequently exacted 86. The whistle-blower may have to live in fear of retribution from their country for the rest of the lives, and take precautions to avoid “rendition” (kidnapping). Ironically, US law already provides rewards of the order of $100m for whistle-blowers exposing corruption (in the sphere of public procurement and price-fixing)87

    Who is that talking about?  Well, Snowden, for one.  The recommendation here would give EU protection to American whistleblowers that rat out the NSA and seek protection in the EU.  It's a sensible recommendation and one that would make our war criminal Gen. Michael Hayden cry buckets.

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