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    I am not too young to remember the interminable month from election day to the day of the Supreme Court decision in 2000.  

    I worked in one of the Wall Street firms, and the tension grew steadily.  Several of us Upper West Side liberals were in one camp, while the vast majority -- including a snooty Staten Islander who had an unjustified, unreasonably high opinion of herself (and who sported a Bush button on her coat) as well as several guys who were mostly liberal in their attitudes but refused to vote for Mr. Gore due to the abortion issue, even though they readily admitted that Mr. Bush was a sub-par individual -- were decidedly not in that camp.  

    The smug Staten Islander never spoke to me again after I looked slightly askance (but said nothing) when I spotted her button for the first time, and this did not change even after our office was decimated on September 11th thanks to Mr. Bush's indifference/incompetence.   In fact, she and her contingent of like-minded women, most of whom commuted in from New Jersey, acted more superior than ever, and I'm sure she blamed the whole incident on the dirty Democrats and Manhattanites who soiled the office in which she deigned to work.    

    One of the many things I learned during that awful time was that liberals, in general, were willing to work with others and to consider different opinions, while the Republicans were closed-minded and intolerant, refusing to grant anyone who differed with them the freedom to have thoughts that didn't align with their inflexible ideas, no matter how idiotic those ideas were.

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