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  •  I helped install one on our barn (11+ / 0-)

    The "Labor Day Storm" ripped chunks out of the old roof, and the insurance covered the steel, so the rest was friends and a truck to hold the sheets.

    All that, a good dry day, plus my welded "Ridge Runner Ladder Anchor", which held both parts of an aluminum extension ladder, one on each side, so our installer could run up and down and move to the next sheet by sliding it himself, and we were done in hours - including ridge cap.

    Now I've spent all these years looking at the gap he left in the ridge cap joint, facing the street, and wondering why he never screwed it down tight like the rest of the roof. Between my age, the steel, and a fairly steep pitch, I have no intention of getting up there to fix it, tho - annoying but not a leak...

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