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  •  Who were Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, (0+ / 0-)

    and why did they all report different passion scenes? And how did they know what Jesus said in his prayer in Gethesemene when everyone was asleep?  And who wrote down Pilates's words?

    Why would people make this stuff up? Why would people make up any religious story? The answers are numerous and so apparently are the apologetics for them. However, just looking at the history of Christianity and its accumulation of wealth and political power might answer some of that! The major sources that Christians point to to bolster their conviction that this man existed with that particular biography had literally been debunked several times. And yet the misinformation marches on.

    Old possum, sorry but your sense of reason is asleep. I would challenge you to get a copy of the upcoming book, On the Historicity of Jesus Christ by Richard Carrier. I'm sure you will find the issue of sources addressed there quite thoroughly.

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