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View Diary: BREAKING: Senate Democrats (including Schumer) pushing to INCREASE CR! (124 comments)

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  •  Inevitably a few jobs would be lost, but (12+ / 0-)

    in my experience, those jobs are ones where we've been vastly overcharged for the work being done.  As certain elements of the government (Dept of Defense, Dept of Homeland Security) have grown vastly since 9/11, there's been a rush to contract out what really are "inherently governmental services", because it can take years and a lot of red tape to create new civilian positions.  But contractors can be hired in a matter of months or even weeks - and the $$ for that comes from a far less regulated pot of money.

    Contractors are only supposed to be hired for short-term needs where there is no inherently governmental role, and where the government does not have the capacity to support.  But 10 years later, contracts are still going are speaking for the government (where often there is a conflict of interest)...and we have contractors self-supervising or supervising each other - because the government never developed enough capacity even to be able to oversee the contracts they cut.

    This is a huge cesspool of fraud, waste, abuse, and overall mismanagement. I do not blame the contractors per se.  They are doing their best to maximize profit within the framework available.  It is the system that is broken and in desperate need of reform - but with the contractors' lobbyists funding all the Congressfolk, I don't see it happening any time soon.

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