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View Diary: Drive To Unionize Fast Food Workers Runs Into Automation (84 comments)

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    You forget the consumer in this discussion.  Process food is just not all that attractive. The fast food needs customers.  If they don't want to employ people then who will buy the low quality food.  Before WWI eating out was only for special occasions and travel.  People ate at home and entertained at home.  It was after WWII that people started eating out on a regular basis. Now you can buy frozen meals to keep on hand for quick fast meal that is less expensive then eating fast foods out.

    When I am out shopping I enjoy service.  I expect service and like to see a person that I can talk too.  Humans are social.  Eating is part of being social.  Who wants to wait on a sandwich in front of a small conveyor with a little glass door.  Historically we tried automats and they didn't catch on,  Even fast food customers wants a little ambience with their meals and some friendly service.

    They can build it but will people come?  Will home prepared foods end up being preferred?  I agree with some of the comments that robotics will have a limited roll in food service in certain markets.  

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