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    I like Van Jones' discussion of this re workers.  We need to treat them and their communities as heroes -- who literally risked their lives and health to power the rest of us (the rest of the U.S.).  We need to invest in them and their communities, with that investment occurring/beginning before mines are shutting down.  We need to not promise a better future but create it if we wish to convince them that we do have their interests, as well, at heart.

    One of the things that is missed is that coal employment has fallen, massively, even when production went up due to automation, larger machinery, mountain top removal rather than mining ... The mining industry, in fact, wants to get the miner out of mining. There are efforts underway to make 100% automated mining operations such that no one will get their hands dirty as they rape the earth with ever greater efficiency.

    From Australia

    “While the large-scale uptake of automation will improve efficiency and create a safer, more attractive working environment, a reduction in on-site roles is likely to reduce economic activity in the local and regional area, and could lead to a loss of population and services over the longer term,” said Professor Brereton.

    Particularly at risk are Aboriginal Australians in remote communities who have previously benefited from employment and business development opportunities provided by mining companies, he said.

    “A growing number of major mining companies have made both voluntary and binding commitments to promote Aboriginal training, employment and business development.
    “However, many of the entry-level jobs currently held by Aboriginal workers in the mining industry are likely to disappear as automation and remote operation becomes more widespread,”

    RE coding, my coding was simply cut and paste of the YouTube embed code. Not a good indication if there is a problem with doing that. First time that I've encountered. I am typing a

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    by A Siegel on Sat Sep 21, 2013 at 10:53:20 AM PDT

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