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View Diary: I don't think the words in Thessalonians 3:10 mean what you think they mean (125 comments)

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  •  Once again we see the application of skepticism (0+ / 0-)

    and knowledge to the claims of a religion being labeled as "Christian bashing".    Do you even have any idea how most atheists came to be?  They were religious, many even strongly believing their former faiths. IN FACt I think most atheists understand Christianity better than most Christians do.

    The use of the terms "moron" and "sewer" are perfect examples of another reason why people leave religion.  Thanks for providing us with another great example of "Christian" morality.

    •   The quote below isn't Christian bashing? (0+ / 0-)
      Church people sicken me.
      Do you really want me to go down through the threads and pull up other equally intelligent quotes from these threads that prove my point? When a Daily Kos diary starts churning up comments like that one, and sweeping generalizations such as no Christian people question anything.  The comments section tends to become a bottomless pit of crap. I don't care if the topic of the diary is Christianity, gun control or cat diaries, it's gonna get smelly.

      If my comments could make people leave there religion, then their religion was not worth keeping and their faith was pathetic.

      They must have been the same people that have been saying  that gay marriage will destroy the sanctity of marriages all over the world.  As if who someone does in another state can alter a union made before God.  Ludicrous.

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