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  •  Lying liars lie and assume that everyone else (2+ / 0-)

    does too.
    Also, if one lives in a binary world, then the opposite of everything, even a lie, is true. Indeed, true and false do not count when everything just is.
    Clinton uttered a profound statement when he said "it depends what the meaning of is is." For the denizens of the ineffable present, it means there is no past and no future. There is only now and the now is what is experienced, neither true nor false.
    Beyond good and evil there is just existence or not. There are no moral values. Which is why when he got there, Nietzsche became mad. Perhaps he just stopped thinking as the victims of Alzheimer's do--i.e. the operations of their organs, including the brain, become entirely random and disorganized. Like a dripping faucet.

    Funny that there would be no good and evil in a binary world. Does that mean the perception of moral value depends on the perception of time, of reality having a beginning, middle and end? Is morality triangular and, if so, does that mean triangulation to accomplish evil is merely perverse? The difference between using a hammer to join wood with nail and bashing in someone's head? Is evil the result of being a tool using creature and employing our own kind as if they were tools? Does that make evil the perversion of the creative impulse? If so, then "creative destruction" would seem to be an effort to pervert that truth by having the forces cancel each other out. While man just sits back to watch.

    Watching and waiting are evil occupations because the observed are expected to self-destruct. Ergo, surveillance is evil.

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