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View Diary: Any Programmer/Analysts looking for a job or a change? (9 comments)

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  •  Why not telework? (2+ / 0-)
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    LordMike, i dunno

    Yea, Alaska is a beautiful place to visit, but living there takes some commitment. And even just asking somebody to move takes a bit of effort, no matter where they are going.

    I think you'd have many more applicants if you sought developers who could work in their current location.

    Software development is very well suited to teleworking, my team is in Atlanta but our GUI guy is in California. He comes to visit the office ever few months for planning meetings, but daily development is easily supported via phone, email, and chat. We could set up video conferences if we needed to, but that hasn't been needed. Our chat software supports screen sharing, which can be useful when inspecting user interfaces while they are being prototyped.

    The biggest objection to teleworking is usually from management that isn't sure a remote employee is being productive, but that's a sign of lazy management rather than a legitimate problem. It's not difficult to set benchmarks and make sure they are being met on time. If a large task is sliced into small pieces that take a day or two each to complete, then you have a nice schedule to use as a benchmark for progress.

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