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  •  Great selections today - thank you! (8+ / 0-)

    I'm adding Dr. Frazier to my wish-list for reading, and am grateful for the introduction to him and his work. Also appreciate the selections on book censorship, civil rights volunteers, and the moving poem-of-the-day.

    When I was in high school, around 1963, we spent a summer in Dallas helping my mother's family. My mom and her childhood friend set up a date with friend's son, a year older and seemingly a nice guy, but, it turned out, an unreconstructed racist. We were on our way to the swimming pool and he turned and said to me, "So, Ah hear that in California, y'all swim with the cullahed." (Clearly appalled by this idea.)

    I said, "What's wrong with you? You think the color comes off in the pool? Good grief!" Big fight ensued. Never got to pool. I thought he was just daft. Guess I needed to have Dr. Frazier on my reading list, to explain the craziness.

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