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  •  (ApostleOfCarlin) (5+ / 0-)

    thanks so much for this diary.  I did not discover a named identity until I saw the documentary film on Netflix with David Jay and had an aha moment, feeling much better since I saw this. Always looking for loving and stimulating intellectual relationships, and trying to accomodate instead of being interested in sex.  My body finally shut down during my second marriage, and it ended.  I have been so happy lately that I can have a friendship with anyone and be myself, and draw the boundary, and after the initial disbelief, be accepted.

    I did visit AVEN for a while but got annoyed that the mods of the forums were supplying the asexuality characteristics and scolding me for being inaccurate, and then admitting that they are not in fact asexual themselves.  I think there is some sensitivity about the Russian site which looks down on sexuality, and preventing AVEN from going in that direction.

    Anyway, thanks for the sunlight!

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