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View Diary: Feed an extra 4 billion: Grow crops for humans, not animals (168 comments)

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  •  CupaJoe. You fail to be specific about what that (4+ / 0-)

    "deliberate and sensible way that actually results in improvements in people's lives." would be.

    May I suggest a cultural revolution promoting birth control by any means.  Birth control is honorable and abortion is a moral choice.
    We need to be teaching that to our children by having celebrations with special colors, foods, music and other traditions" when a child goes on birth control before becoming sexually active say at age 13.  Anyone that does not have a reproductive plan should be shamed, shunned and even considered bad for society.
    A societal value would be to control your reproduction.  One may plan for 1 or 2 children but, only if conditions are at optimum having enough resources and time to properly raise human beings.

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