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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: 'Accidental Racist,' Brad Paisley and the Confederate flag (94 comments)

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  •  I lived in a totally white area growing up. (1+ / 0-)
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    Alice Olson

    There were no black people at any school I attended except in HS there were two black people and both left my high school and transferred to a school with more black people in the county.

    To me the rebel flag never meant anything about race, it meant redneck, or hellraiser.

    More black people where I went to college but the area of the state we were in really nobody had a rebel flag up, there are more rednecks and rebel flats in the southern part of the state. So the subject never came up.

    Then I graduated and I worked with this guy who was black and after work we'd go hang out and drive around and party some. He wasn't from the area so I was sort of showing him all the places that were of interest.

    If we went out some rural road and there were rebel flags he was scared. It was even worse than a Jewish person seeing swastikas.

    He had good reason to be paranoid too because later he was at a party and he had actually been beaten up by a bunch of rural rednecks, for being nothing other than black.

    He had run about 2 miles to where we worked and called me to drive him back to his car where he had left it. I got there and his clothes were in shreds and his underwear were showing. He nearly ripped his clothes off getting away because they had him by the shirt and pant legs.

    Anyway knowing him and seeing his reaction changed my whole attitude about the confederate flag. From "What's the big deal" to symbol of fear.

    Still I think of the all african american String Band The Carolina Chocolate Drops doing "Dixie" and you have to wonder if suddenly rappers starting wearing the rebel flag as a symbol of hellraiser how long it would be before white rednecks abandoned it.

    Oh and the old "heritage not hatred" thing is bullshit. There is a house not 3 miles from mine flying the confederate flag, and at the base they have a black jockey. Doesnt' get more obvious than that.

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