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View Diary: UPDATED! - The Democrats' big FAIL in Colorado. (459 comments)

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  •  Even some gun owners who support sane gun control (8+ / 0-)

    legislation don't trust Democrats to do that, it seems to me.  (This is my nonscientific opinion from talking to gun owners.)

    Here's the deal:  they think Democrats secretly want to outlaw guns.  Period.  They think that Democrats say all they are trying to pass is background checks, but that a lot of people who are telling them that would, if they could, outlaw all guns.  And that's reinforced by the fact that there are SOME Democrats who would outlaw guns if they could, but instead advocate for gun legislation like bans on automatic weapons and universal background  checks.  

    So, when some Democrats go to people and say, "we don't want to take away your guns, we just want this rule or that rule," a lot of gun owners don't believe them.  A lot of gun owners think Democrats DO want to take away their guns, and are proposing whatever legislation is being discussed as an incremental start to that end.  (It's kind of the same way some Democrats say that the ACA was a first step on a path that ultimately will lead to single payer.)  

    If Democrats want to at least neutralize this issue, they have to become credible on the idea that, even if they could, even if they had the votes, they would NOT vote to take away guns or to create a universal gun registry that would/could be used against gun owners.  And in areas where the gun issue is strong, you have to run candidates that have some credibility with gun owners.  

    I know some comments at this site reinforce that notion that some Democrats would take away all guns if they could, but that things like universal background checks and an assault weapons ban might be the best they can get for now.  That's the kind of attitude that loses votes from gun owners.  They are far more likely to accept that very same legislation if it's supported by someone who has some credibility on the issue that he/she would not vote to ban all guns even if there was an opportunity to do so.

    As long as gun owners think that Democrats secretly want to ban ALL guns, NRA campaigns of "he/she wants to take your guns away!" are going to resonate, regardless of the specifics of the legislation being proposed.  

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