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    to be judged by the public as being anti-deficit reduction, what tactical advantage would there be to them making a counter-offer that would likely include "increasing the deficit" by supporting social programs or targeting Rep strongholds (eg military funding, taxes), since both would feed Rep narratives?

    And secondly, what's the benefit in proposing a bunch of stuff, if you're just going to use it to cancel out the Rep demands? That seems like a great way to lose political capital with supporters.

    The negative impacts of the sequester continue, and those are owned by the Reps. Forcing a clean vote on the debt limit drops the ball in the Rep's lap - they'll own the consequences if they kill it.

    This diary is based on the expectation that Dems will cave, but given what they've learned from previous incidents, and the "red line" that Obama has drawn, that seems unlikely to me.

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