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View Diary: Irish History: Response to the Great Famine (57 comments)

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  •  You should mention (8+ / 0-)

    that Ireland remained a net food exporter through the famine.

    None are so hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies. -Johann von Goethe

    by gjohnsit on Mon Sep 23, 2013 at 09:33:44 AM PDT

    •  Why does noone mention the recent (3+ / 0-)
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      AoT, marykk, Ojibwa

      purchases of major food companies (like Smithfield) to Chinese government food corporations?  

      How much food is being exported and sold while people are being set up for starvation in this country?  

      Globalization under Victoria was just beginning, got a little sidetracked during WWI and II, but now ..... another side effect of Empire, I guess.

      They are sapping the strength of people -- no food, education worth having, no jobs, what's becoming of this 'country.?"

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