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  •  Generally two separate groups.... (6+ / 0-)

    The Scots Irish and those cleared from the Highlands ;-)

    The Scots Irish are generally those descended from the settlement of the Ulster Plantation by Lowland (a.k.a. generally Protestant and English-speaking) Scots under James I/VI ~ roughly in the 1610s. Migration from Scotland to Ulster had slowed considerably by the 1630s, for various reasons (including the new American colonies), although there was an uptick in migration again in the 1690s or so.

    The 'Highland Clearances' (often Catholic and Gaelic-speaking, although not as uniform as the other group) depend on how you define them ~ they either started post-Culloden (1746) or with improvements (such as at the  Balnagown Castle estate ~ not open to the public, although others associated with the wealthy who cleared the Highlands are, such as the Sutherlands' Dunrobin Castle) in the 1760s, with the majority happening in the 1790s to about 1850 and immigration to Canada, the US and Australia, for those who didn't settle in Glasgow, other Scottish cities, or the towns the landlords tried to start.

    Disclaimer: at the time of the 1841 census, an ancestor of mine worked in Golspie, Sutherland, for one of notorious factors involved in the Clearances, although by 1851 he'd moved his family back to the Borders. A couple ancestors were pre-famine Irish Catholic immigrants to Scotland (settled in the tenements of Edinburgh....) as well as one famine era immigrant, who also settled in Edinburgh.

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