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    I think I see your problem right there.

    My interpretation is that Ted Cruz never lets facts get in the way of a good pandering. He doesn't have to win any of these fights in order to remain the darling of the Tea Parties. He just has to present himself as their One True Champion, as the one who believes in the cause (the Lost Cause, as it happens) with true ideological fervor when almost all others are calling for some level of realism and sanity. Meaning not that they see or more correctly care about the danger to the country, but primarily the danger to themselves.

    Among the Faithful are many devoted to fairy tales that promise them victory no matter what the odds, whether due to one of many Christian mythologies, the Confederate myth that the South Will Rise Again, White Supremacist ideology that portrays their enemies as incapable of ultimate victory, class warfare, misogyny and male supremacism…in short any delusion that comforts them in their fantasies of entitled superiority and convinces them of the inevitability of their ultimate victory.

    Combine this with the essence of the old Republican Southern Strategy—It's OK as long as Blacks (and also immigrants, women, the young, the poor, anybody but themselves) get hurt worse than Whites (the native-born, men, the old, the rich, however they conceive what makes them special).

    We have seen it play out many times. Unskewing the polls last year was one of the clearest, where Karl Rove and Mitt Romney were just the most prominent and most obvious among those caught flatfooted by reality on Election Day.

    But it is true that it can be quite difficult to tell whether the apparently crazy actually believe their own publicity, and are that crazy, or are merely that mendacious, and therefore inevitably corrupt. We have seen that play out in the careers of many other Republicans since Nixon, and even before. And of course among Democrats, when they were the party of Southern racism, big city corruption, and much more.

    Of course, these people could be crazy and lying both.

    Ceterem censeo, gerrymandra delenda est

    by Mokurai on Mon Sep 23, 2013 at 07:04:37 PM PDT

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