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  •  Oh, what a beautiful morning (T=50F) in SoMD! (23+ / 0-)

    Cheers to the official end of the season I really, really, REALLY dislike.  Summer, that is.  Time of high electric bills, high sweat, frequent baths, and hot surges (too long to be called “flashes”) that make just sitting nearly unbearable.
    Cheers  to the cheerfully red, round objects still hanging from the desiccated tomato vines.   What’s that you say?  They’re edible??
    Jeers  to taking time to peel said red objects before gobbling them down.  Yum!
    Cheers to red jalapeños and instant salsa.
    Cheers  to the violet blooms on the crepe myrtle that came back from the dead last year, growing from one foot high to 10 feet high in one season.
    Cheers  to the suckers and berries/seed pods I’m going to use to start new crepe myrtles.
    Cheers  and more cheers  to the gorgeous flutterbyes who are enjoying those violet crepe myrtle blooms and the yellow blooms on the butterfly bush.
    Cheers  to the resilience of white clover flowers all over the lawn and to the bumble bees (and a few precious honey bees) that seek them out.
    Cheers  to lightning bugs, taking me back several decades to warm summer evenings playing softball in the front yard.
    Jeers to loss of virtually all the squash vines thanks to striped cucumber beetles.  Goes with the territory when you stop using chemicals and remain hyperopic (i.e., blindly far sighted)
    Cheers  to the cardinals and goldfinches and doves and flickers and mockingbirds  and woodpeckers and the rest who help make life worth living.  Oh, and Mr. Dove has found a new spouse.
    Jeers  to 3 weeks of hives and bumps and uncontrollable itching and scratching after 2 hours weeding the garden.
    Cheers  for having sturdy fingernails to scratch with.  
    Cheers  to the inexpensive generic cream that helps the itch a little, ‘cause nothing else has.  Thanks, Dr. J.  See you in 2014, as per usual.

    (-7.62,-7.33) Carbon footprint 11.3 metric tons. l'Enfer, c'est les autres.

    by argomd on Tue Sep 24, 2013 at 06:02:01 AM PDT

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