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View Diary: The Republican Vote to Cut Food Stamps is Really a Decision to Kill the "Useless Eaters" (45 comments)

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  •  I wondered when people - other then me - would (12+ / 0-)

    notice the Republican plan to kill off as many poor folks as possible.

    Here at Daily Kos too many are focused on being nice, maintaining decorum and/or being clever.

    They fail to go far enough in assessing the GOP's plan,m most often calling them "bumbling" or "stupid", as if three was no larger agenda.

    Fact is the GOP is and has been systematically engaged in efforts to kill jobs (impoverish people) deny healthcare access (make the sick sicker, push the old over the edge) and deny food stamps (starve the poor who won't be able to buy food with no job or no unemployment).

    It is clearly the case, Mr DeVega. Tipped recced and tweeted.

    Open your eyes, kossacks and get this right.

    Stop screwing around.

    •  this is the truth we obviously still cannot bare (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      to look at.  and most of the important real truth is labeled CT so we don't have to feel guilty about not looking at it.

      When I was young good old women told me when a man tells you what he really feels about womn, children, and marriage believe him and when he shows you--double down on defense.

      The Georgia Guide stones tell us exactly what they think about population.  It is a warning from the elites.  It is their creed.  Believe them.  Now they are rapidly implementing policy.

      Prison quotas is the beginning they got us to agree to and only to save money.  Ticket quotas we agreed to so that we could make money and not pay taxes.  All of this will bite us back if we don't we thnk what was casually agreed to.

    •  the culture of cruelty, neoliberalism, austerity (6+ / 0-)

      i don't play nice which is why i rub so many the wrong way. your enemies are shooting at you and you want to give out hugs.

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