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  •  Well, I'm delighted to see the parable of the (1+ / 0-)
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    unjust steward highlighted, but the interpretation is wrong. The interpreters do not understand that Jesus was being ironic. And Pope Francis, in identifying money as the root of evil, is mistaking the tool for the act. It's sort of like blaming guns for murders. It's not exactly the same because the gun, after all, is a tool that's designed for murder, while money is designed to serve as an aide memoire and a medium of exchange and a record of obligations -- i.e. a certified IOU.
    Yes, the Catholic Church is an organization that thrives by identifying sinful behavior, casting blame and then absolving individuals of their supposed guilt. The Catholic Church has been turned into a vehicle for some humans to rule their own kind in the name of a deity.

    The same pattern can be discerned in the rule of the secular nation:
    "In the name of the nation and of the dollar and the rule of law shall you and your off-spring be sacrificed."

    •  This diary isn't about the Pope's homily. (0+ / 0-)

      or the Friday diary discussing his homily. It is about the selection of liturgy, the pairing of Luke and Amos.

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