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    I'm already institutionalized in a nursing facility in Albuquerque, and destitute, and yet I've had a couple of private insurance carriers pitching their company to me. When Presbyterian declined to further fund my Medicare part D (the monthly payment exceeded the $67 I'm allowed to keep from my monthly disability payment ) UHC offered me a plan. Then, for some reason, I turned out to be ineligible for that, so after a month I was handed over to pure-dee Medicaid.

    I could have got out of this facility in August 2012, except that Medicaid C (CoLTS) took an extra couple of months to come through, and then another six weeks after that for UHC, one of the private companies contracted to handle CoLTS, to process the case. I am told that a letter of allocation was never issued because the staffer in my local HSD office didn't fill in the computer screen (so I'm told by the social services secretary at this facility).

    By the time I was ready for discharge, 10 months after admittance and 5 months after being judged fit by the therapy department, I was suddenly made homeless (which is a whole 'nother story), and now I'm here for good... at great cost to the taxpayers. I owe something like $15K to this nursing home, including one week when I apparently wasn't covered by any sort of insurance at all. I have no idea why.

    The process is byzantine and unintelligible to the average patient without professional assistance. While I have a high opinion of this facility and its medical staff, I am appalled at what has become of my independence and my future. If you don't have family watching your back every day, you're screwed, because your interests and those of the insurance providers are not the same.

    You can't second-guess the Ineffable. - Good Omens

    by asterlil on Mon Oct 07, 2013 at 02:21:49 PM PDT

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