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  •  Good night! (4+ / 0-)

    on this day, 49 yrs ago, I was born also, not just Emperor Vitellius, whom I never got to know. Anyways, As emperor, he has gotten automatic remembrance. I have only gotten a full belly from feeding friends. And now I must go to bed. But I might look at those questions at least.

    >>When did you first use the internet?
    In 1993

    >>What was your connection speed? Who was your first ISP?
    University, we laid glass fibre ourselves, never slow

    >>Where did you first venture online (chat rooms/usenet/etc.)?
    oh .. ages ago, some forgotten german boards .. just past usenet

    >>Are you able to separate your opinion of a celebrity's talent/skill from that person's public misbehavior or politics?

    yes I think so. Like with Paul Gascoyne. (Or RW Fassbinder)

    >>What was your favorite Dr. Seuss book?

    Dr. Who?

    >>Do you shop at Aldi's?

    Did once, shortly, didnt like it, too much crap there.

    >>Whole Foods? Safeway? Piggly Wiggly? Where do you shop and why do you shop there?

    Ha. If I tell you that doesnt help you a lot :)

    a supermarket chain which I like which I think is showing about the right balance between advantages and disadvantages is Carrefour. Dont know if you know it?

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