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View Diary: Why Contracting Out and Privatization Has Gone Way Too Far (24 comments)

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  •  Wow!! What a great discussion!! (0+ / 0-)

    Had Aaron been a government worker with accountable government workers doing the security checks, he would never have gotten in the Navy Yard.

    His story is part of what happens when corners are cut to cut costs to squeeze profits, which is why essential public services need to remain public. Often private contractors promise a public jurisdiction a cost savings -- until the government entity has lost the infrastructure or ability to perform the work. Then costs go up.

    I worked in a publicly owned sewer system. Trust me -- you don't want the private sector to do it.

    Why would anyone blame public workers and unions for the problems of cities and states when the private financial sector destroyed $7 trillion of America's wealth including pension fund investments, taxes have been cut, wealth has been destroyed by deindustrialization, the federal government has devolved responsibility without devolving revenue.

    Thanks All for the discussion!

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