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  •  'Housekeeping' as political oppression (3+ / 0-)

    by keeping women subjugated to the things in her home, introjected by cultural reinforcement so that individual women, particularly women capable of other accomplishments, are crippled by shame that Other People might see the unwashed breakfast dishes in the sink -- that's what I understood you previous diary to be (at least partially) about.

    The Self's oppression of the Self, from the Betty Friedan era of feminism -- the era of women who came to understand that 'The Personal IS The Political'.

    As to this --

    was told if I didn't link to an actual published story, my commentary is just a rant.
    Piffle.  I urge you to pay no attention to the self-appointed content police.  A piece of writing that is 'just' a rant can be, here at dKos, of great value.  As would be your unsourced commentary on an issue of common knowledge, or your opinion, or thoughts on your experiences.  All of these forms, and many others, are just as important as the sourced, 'fact-based' reporting/analysis diary in creating the fabric of the dKos community.
    •  My brain agrees... (2+ / 0-)
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      CroneWit, RiveroftheWest

      My gut rather wobbles a bit. I've never dealt well with the sort of high schoolish scoldings that seem to cluster on the internet. So they make me feel bad until I ignore them -- or until the other gulls (and buoys) gather 'round comfortingly, thank you.

      BTW, before I forget, I read your In Memoriam piece and thought it was utterly beautiful. As I age, I no longer am even a theoretical anarchist and cling to the Rule of Law as if it would save us all, as your describe your family doing. Or, I suppose, I remain a theoretical anarchist for such as the beautiful young things forming Occupy, but no longer am so sure it would last everyone's lifetime...

      I am thinking of writing a short fiction piece to post, actually -- mostly because I have no interest in footnoting, which it would otherwise require to be credible. --Kes

      •  I hope you write your fiction piece. (1+ / 0-)
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        There's a local guy who writes historical fiction -- has written about Tecumseh and Wm Henry Harrison -- who researches deeply and thoroughly.  Asked why, after all that research, he publishes fiction, his reply was 'So I don't have to footnote.'

        I went back to find the 'rant' comment and found the situation.  Don't worry about it.  Yes, there are people here who will butt in and say something odd, and yes, high school behavior is common online.  Don't worry about it.  Write what you want.

        Oh, and I noticed in that thread that you hadn't noticed a comment that arrived a little late.  If you go to your Comments page, you'll find (in second row of headings) a link to 'My Recent Replies'.  This may help you find replies (comments) that you haven't noticed.

        As to my 'In Memoriam' piece -- well, that was several years ago now.  Thanks for your kind words about it -- particularly given your field of expertise.  I was certainly passionate then, and it saddens me to find how naively I believed that a change of administration would return America to the Rule of Law under the Constitution.

        Please keep writing.  Don't let yourself be discouraged.  There will be people who understand what you're trying to say.

        •  I meant them.. (2+ / 0-)
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          RiveroftheWest, CroneWit

          Actually, I teared up while I read it.

          I tried the replies and only saw ones from me, which I assume means I caught all the others. This is going to be the trickiest adjustment from LJ. There, you just check a ticky box and they send you an email every time someone comments on your post or your comment, even years later. That's really useful for the fiction, where you never know when someone's going to read something you wrote.... but it would be terribly rude not to thank them for the comment about it.

          I'll fight the discouragement. I figure this is therapeutic, because I haven't put myself out there much in the last few years and I have to practice getting trolled as well as praised!

          I do wish I could remember WHAT I was going to write that fictional piece about! But it does encourage me to know that someone else turned to fiction for precisely my reasons -- footnotes!

          •  'Recent replies' (1+ / 0-)
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            Yes, it pulls up your comments -- but only those that have received a reply recently.  Look at the number of replies in the far right column -- if a comment recieved only one reply shortly after posting, and you check that the next day and see 2, you can open that comment again to see the new reply.  Also, the color of the comment's link change color once it has been opened -- so a comment that has had a reply (that you haven't seen yet) will be orange.

            Also, the comment period on comments is only open for 24 hours after the diary is posted.  So you won't have to worry about new comments after that.

            (Don't worry, I was here for years before somebody wrote about this in a comment thread.)

            Oh, yeah, I just remembered the 'no footnotes' guy's name -- James Alexander Thom.  I find his writing style incredibly dense and sludgy, but his books are respected for their historical accuracy.

            And as far as 'being trolled' -- well dKos can be a snappish, testy, rude place -- but there's a real difference of degree between that and trolling.

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