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  •  I swear, post the story! (1+ / 0-)
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    Or even, just cut and paste what you tell me. It deserves more dissemination.

    Here's a motivator (of a sort). I'm developing a tag called "I Was There," because occasionally I got to witness something which are now just footnotes in specialized history books. As an historian, I know personal eyewitness stories are really rare in the not-911-level of events. I'm considering picking a day -- any day-- at least once a month and trying to persuade people to post an I-was-there so our lucky historical heirs (if any survive) will have at least one place to sort among for descriptions of events among the less-than-celebrities of the era. Also, frankly, I get to read them. I had this idea after seeing your reminiscences and wishing I could hear more.

    So, for my own selfish reasons: post your story! I'd never even heard of this incident, and even the Wikipedia version is fascinating, but your memories are much more concrete and involving.

    •  Thanks for the suggestion; I'm glad you enjoyed (0+ / 0-)

      reading these comments. Just now I haven't time to figure out the whole how-to-post-a-diary thing, and being a sort-of historian too, I'd feel compelled to do some fact-checking first.

      Just no time now... but thank you for your interest! And I think your "I Was There" is a great idea.

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