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  •  Yes I did, a couple of times, once just me (8+ / 0-)

    (and the divemaster), the others chickened out. Most recently about '07, by which time it was so popular boats were competing for the buoys. To jazz up the dive, they now chum the water regularly, and a bunch of sharks hang out there all the time. They are cool to watch as you are slowly ascending, which is most of the dive, since you only get 10 minutes at 130'. One of the times I was there some Belize navy guys were practicing tech diving. I take it you've dived it too? It is very impressive in scale, even more so enjoyed while narc'd ;-), but for me, diving is about the creatures, and the Blue Hole has none to speak of besides the odd shark, once you go over the lip. Twice into the Hole is enough for me. I'm glad I saw it though.

    One thing that did strike me as weird when I was down there, looking at the stalactites, is how they are all tipped at an angle. The whole Hole has shifted from the vertical since it was formed.

    Btw, I checked into Lighthouse reef as a place to stay - the place closed down some years ago. There was talk they were going to upscale it, but it's up for sale now. $170,000. Interested?

    •  We'd make great dive buddies (7+ / 0-)

      Same here--in it for the wildlife beauty--went to 144'-not much to see other than stalactites and had to rescue a novice who wasn't going back up
      no interest in doing it again
      We were the only boat there that day
      Had a lot more fun in 15' at the rim
      I was more impressed with the aerial view
      Don't remember them being tipped at an angle
      170? really? are you sure? Did it get wiped out by a storm or what?  Can you send me a link?  Yes interested

      If anyone survives-this will be known as the Ostrich Era

      by FOYI on Tue Sep 24, 2013 at 07:31:18 PM PDT

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      •  Ruh roh, a novice not going back up... (6+ / 0-)

        That dive is below rec dive limits, what was that person doing :(
        I've never been much interested in deep diving, like wrecks. No creatures, besides maybe glassy sweepers. And for another thing it's dark. Plus not much bottom time. Going deep has always seemed as much about bragging as the quality of the experience. I'm really quite a conservative diver, a good thing since often the nearest chamber is hours or days away. Incidentally I just read something kind of disturbing about hyperbaric chambers these days: the operators are turning away diver emergencies in favor of tightly scheduled medical treatments. The profit motive, doncha know. Even so I maintain good dive insurance.

        Here's the link to the property for sale on Lighthouse. Look familiar?

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