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  •  All true, but New Adult is a category, not a genre (2+ / 0-)
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    Susan from 29, RiveroftheWest

    Genre refers to types of story (dystopian, historical, whodunnit, chick lit, etc.).

    Separate and alongside the genre, you have the age categories, such as Middle Grade, Tween, Young Adult, and now New Adult. So you can have Tween Chick Lit and New Adult Chick Lit, MG Thriller and YA Thriller, and so on.

    I love this:

    Mix all these together in a bubbling brew and you get "New Adult" - the sensibility and tone of a YA, complete with the melodramatic remnants of seething teenage hormones, the deliciously soapy drama of a genre founded in its appeal towards cable-TV audiences, and the emotional conflicts of a tried-and-true model that's held appeal for decades. Sprinkle it all with a liberal dose of the explicitness a generation of college-age readers have come to expect via being plugged-in to their favorite fandoms via the internet, and voila!

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