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    I made my living as a professional drummer from the time I was 21 until my mid-30s as part of one or another working rock bands from '67 thru the mid-'70s... and part time for several years subsequently.  

    Interesting story of one of my bands:
    In L.A. in the early 70s, I was in a hard rock band called Sudden Death (after the SuperBowl overtime thing, named by the bass player who was a sports fanatic) that came within an eyelash of getting signed by Epic Records (owned at the time by Columbia when Clive Davis ran it).  Close but no cigar.  Columbia arranged and paid for an album-length demo -- unheard of at that time -- thru various contacts including Kim Fowley (self-styled "Mayor" of Sunset Strip in L.A. in the wild early 70s).  The engineer gave us a 7" reel-to-reel tape direct copy of the master, and I lost it over the years... and some time in the late 90s, someone apparently found that tape, made it into a CD, named it "Sudden Death - Suddenly" with a false CD cover image for this "mythical hard rock band from L.A. in the 70s") and audio tracks of the CD have been posted to YouTube. (!)  

    I didn't know any of this until last January, when I inadvertenly found the YouTube tracks.  The audio-only tracks appear with a strange CD "Gothic" cover image which has nothing to do with that band as it existed in the 70s.  The original studio tracks were recorded without overdubs -- one shot, and then next track -- so they are a bit primitive, but one can get the idea.   They can be heard by Googling "You Tube Sudden Death Suddenly."

    That band (and its progeny) regularly opened for some pretty big acts in the 70s, including Dave Mason (at Long Beach Auditorium), Cold Blood, Roy Buchanan, Harvey Mandel, Buddy Miles...  OK, that's enough name-dropping.  There were plenty of pix of bands I was in, but I'm not in possession of any of them.

    Adjusting to living in a police state. 1984 is here.

    by ceebee7 on Wed Sep 25, 2013 at 11:03:45 AM PDT

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