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  •  Ted Cruz is speaking. (1+ / 0-)
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    Maybe he likes to hear himself speak. Any senator can speak as long as he/she wants, even if there isn't a bill. And that's all he's doing. The Affordable Care Act is a law. He can't talk it away. He certainly can't talk it away with Green Eggs and Ham. What he's doing is holding up the business of the Senate less than a week before the government needs to be funded or be shut down. This needs to be done because the House has spent all their time either voting to repeal The Affordable Care Act, or on vacation. They have failed to do their job of passing spending bills. And now, because this fool likes to hear himself speak, Congress can't even complete this most important part of their job. So, no, he doesn't deserve praise. He deserves derision.

    •  You're right. According to his father, he's been (1+ / 0-)
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      talking incessantly since he was thirteen, when he and three others memorized the Constitution and made the rounds of Rotary breakfasts to give a half hour recitation, enumerating the powers of the government. Giving the same speech twenty times a year is a singular achievement, especially when it goes on for thirty years. But, the reason Cruz gets away with it is because he keeps moving. If he stays in the Senate six years, it will be the longest he's been in any one place.
      Some people change as they mature. Some people stay the same and simply change their location so people don't notice. Do they move on on purpose? In the corporate world, they seem to get promoted up and out.

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