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View Diary: The Inoculation Project 9/29/2013: Preschool Science and Simple Machines (32 comments)

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  •  You guys are amazing! (5+ / 0-)

    Thanks so much to the Daily Kos community and particularly the Inoculation Project folks for rescuing and promoting and donating to the cooling projects again and again...raising awareness among other Donors Choose donors - including a corporate donor - until we got across the finish line for all five major projects.  This wasn't just our community; we partnered with many other folks out there, too.  And I think at least one of those teachers has joined us here at DK!

    Sometimes it's easy to feel powerless when politicians make sweeping budget decisions affecting our schools.  But together, through a series of individual and mostly small efforts and donations, we were able to make a big impact for five classrooms, their teachers, and probably well over 100 students a year - none of whom we may ever know.  That's pretty cool :)

    Thanks again!  T&R'd, and I'll keep coming back to help the TIP projects.  360 is so impressive!

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