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    Ian Reifowitz

    The current screwed up district mapping around the nation that overwhelming benefits Republicans was due to the fact that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY paid little or no attention to state politics in the 2010 election or the fact that 2010 would be the year of the national Census. Democratic politicians were so pre-occupied with DEFENDING the newly passed ACA in their town halls along with worrying about the effects of the ACA on the Congressional mid-term elections that they completely ignored the state level elections across the nation. Well the plutocratic cabal of the billionaires (Koch and others) decided to concentrate their political efforts on the state houses, which resulted in virtually 30 state legislatures becoming a Republican majority. The right wing cabal recognized that with the 2010 Census would come the opportunity to gerrymander House seats for the Republicans for the next decade, and ladies and gentlemen that is what we have currently in Congress now.

    The founding fathers never anticipated the possibility that in 1811 the gerrymandering scheme involving redrawing the respective districts for the legislative seats for the House body to advantage the numbers of one party over others would two centuries later create a serious construction dilemma for the U.S. Constitution.

    There can be no equable solution to the Republican gerrymandering to create not only "safe" seats but to the respective imbalance in the number of seats available to Democrats without an amendment to the Constitution. IMHO no redrawing scheme on the state level will ever be clear of political chicanery. If in keeping with the provisions of the Constitution redistricting should be done in conjunction with the Census, then the actual redistricting assignments should be drawn on the Federal level, possibly by an impartial specially certified computer program. The Federal agency established and tasked with redrawing House districts would be the oversight responsibility of special representatives from each of the three branches of the Federal government, namely the Executive, the Congress, and the Court System.  


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