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View Diary: Wolf Rules in Montana Endanger Yellowstone Park Wolves (20 comments)

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    Today (9/30) at this moment a hearing is going on at the Dept of Interior regarding the wolf.  Another will be in Sacramento on 10/2 and another in Albuquerque on 10/4.

    Americans for Prosperity are being bused in by the Koch brothers to attend as anti-wolf advocates.  There will be tight security at all hearings.

    Folks, go on line and look at the photos of the slaughter of this American Iconic creature that is needed for the survival of our eco-system.

    It's not about shooting them, it is about trapping, snaring, using packs of dogs to hunt them, baiting with dogs, horses, cats, etc, using night vision equipment and high-powered rifles and the like.  It's about using ATVs, snowmobiles and on  and on.

    Oh and let's not forget that they are going to the dens and torturing the pups as well...gassing them, breaking limbs...these people would be serial killers of humans if they didn't have so many animals to get their hard-on about.

    We advocates are fighting HARD.  There will be a 2014 NATIONAL RALLY...the location will stun you.  There are also plans for a walk across America with wolves, which will go through all the wolf states.  We are also preparing a booklet that will be distributed to each lawmaker.


    by Barbara on Mon Sep 30, 2013 at 02:22:01 PM PDT

    •  Thanks Barbara for your comment (0+ / 0-)

      which I only read today. In Montana they can use electronic wolf calls and silencers. With a bag limit of 5, 2 hunters could wipe out a pack. And in Wyoming, open season, no limit.

      The October 2 hearing was likely cancelled because of the shutdown.

      FWS has backed down against banning three wolf expert scientists from the hearings because they co-signed a letter against lifting protections of wolfs in the lower 48 states. The FWS no longer chooses the scientists. Also the comment period for the law has been extended till the end of October.

      Thank you for all your hard work for the wolves. Trapping wolves and chasing them by helicopters is torture. And by killing whole packs they are decreasing the biodiversity needed for the survival of the species.

      To thine ownself be true

      by Agathena on Thu Oct 03, 2013 at 07:08:15 PM PDT

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