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View Diary: PA-Gov: State Rep. & LGBT Activist Brian Sims (D) Endorses & Fundraises For Allyson Schwartz (D) (7 comments)

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    from Howie Klein:

    Allyson Schwartz is a champion of women's rights. Other than that, though, hers is a profile in cowardice. Right-wingers call her a liberal-- which her miserable voting record shows she isn't-- and she moves to the right. She's exactly what is not needed in the already dysfunctional political system. Pennsylvania would almost be better off with an outright conservative being pressured to move towards the center, than with Schwartz, who is already right-of-center and will always give in to pressure to move right.

    A vice chair of the corrupt, Big Business-owned New Dems, Schwartz has amassed a putrid voting record, one of the worst from any Democrat in a deep blue (safe) district. On crucial roll calls, her career-long ProgressivePunch score is a pathetic 76.70. But since she decided to run for governor, she's begin following Boehner and Cantor much more dramatically and this session her score is an even more dismal 55.56. Some liberal! Good on Choice though!

    He had me at "New Dems."  They are the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party, and exactly what we don't need more of.
    •  Allyson Schwartz, gov. 2014-2022: So many reasons (1+ / 0-)
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      to support her. In addition to the above 1) redistricting (Pa. governor has a role) 2) fracking control and taxing 3) education funding 4) infrastructure of Pa.'s many bridges and roads. This should be a very high priority for Democratic and independent funds, along with Florida, Ohio, and yes, Texas governorships.

    •  She's the frontrunner in the primary and running (1+ / 0-)
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      hard for this position.  I have my reservations, sure but I am convinced that she might be the strongest candidate.  I read that post on Hanger.  I like him but is he exciting enough to get the base out and help us take some seats in the PA State Senate?  I think Schwartz can.  Corbett is vulnerable absolutely but we need someone strong enough to make sure he's booted.  Also, Schwartz was the one who made her district solid blue.  Hoffel couldn't even win his district when he went up against Specter in 2004.  Marjorie Margolis lost her own district in 1994.  I've ready DWT and I have mixed feelings about that blog.  Now lets see how Rob McCord does in the primary.

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