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View Diary: "Jaynestown, USA": Where RWNJ Messages Emulate Auditory Hallucinations (46 comments)

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  •  Gross generalisation much? (6+ / 0-)

    I actually do hear voices, and I'm seriously ANTI authoritarian.  So are quite a few other voice-hearers that I know.

    Jayne's speculations are not supported by the experiences of modern-day schizophrenics, or by those of many shamans in traditional societies, or, for that matter, by medieval religious mystics.  The picture from these people is far more complex and varied than Jayne paints, and frequently involves significant levels of resistance to both the voices/spirits, and to authorities within the community.

    •  You were not raised with indoctrination (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      and memorized chants and the like. You live in the modern world, externally and internally.

      The early human civilizations were built around novel religions. All of them. They worshipped afterlife figures. They promised access to detailed afterlife worlds.

      Everybody believed.

      And that went on for millenia.

      I do make a guess that hallucinations operate to the "waking dream" model. Anything can happen in a dream. With Jaynes, the content of daily prayers and work chants bleeds over into the dream voices.

      Wonder how many schizophrenics hear the voice of Rush Limbaugh? Or their megachurch's pastor? Or how many Fundamentalists' Superegos are shaped more than not by these propaganda sources?

      It is not a pretty situation.

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