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View Diary: Beat Them to the Right – Why Democrats Should Be Funding Tea Party Candidates (78 comments)

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  •  They're crazy, not stupid. (0+ / 0-)

    They already have considerable success influencing the Republican Party and even get the opportunity to run tea party candidates in a Republican package greatly increasing their chances of success. They don't run as a third-party because they know they have no chance of beating not only the Republican nominee but that splitting the conservative vote increases the chance of a Democrat winning.

    •  That's kind of my point. (1+ / 0-)
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      Which it that your comment completely contradicts what you write in the diary:

      Democrats have the opportunity to not only drive a wedge between moderate Republicans and the Tea Party base, but with a single strike, Democrats could split the Republican Party in two. How? By having Democrats fund Tea Party candidates as a third-party option.
      •  it doesn't contradict… (0+ / 0-)

        My argument is getting the Democrats, in one way or another, to get a third-party tea party candidate on the ballot. Conservatives won't do it because they are afraid of it splitting their party.

        Democrat support doesn't mean that the DCCC will run the campaign. It would be very simple for a nondescript PAC or even an individual to establish the third-party tea party candidate.

        The statistics demonstrate that if given the opportunity to vote for such a candidate, tea party members would. They aren't given the opportunity because conservative leaders in both the Republican and tea party would never give voters the chance. Democrats could get a tea party candidate on the ballot.

        •  How? (0+ / 0-)

          How is providing a modest amount of funding and other, unspcified "encouragement" going to get the Tea Party to do something that it is quite capable of doing on its own but is aparently not interested in doing?

          •  Assume… (0+ / 0-)

            I am an independently wealthy Democratic supporter. The party reaches out to me and asks that instead of my full donation, I take a small part of it to establish a third-party tea party candidate. The Democratic Party has identified Joe Patriot as a viable candidate. I reach out to Joe Patriot individually and express the need for the tea party to have a voice in whatever election and that I am willing to provide some money to help him run.

            Or something like that. The tea party cannot stop a third-party individual from running. They can try to tell their voters not to vote for him but come election day, I would guess a lot of low information tea party voters would put a check mark by his name just from the brand recognition alone.

            And really, look at the numbers. The tea party wants a candidate of their own. He or she would get votes no matter how much consternation there may be from conservatives. The only reason this hasn't happened yet is because conservatives have likely blocked the effort. I think we should unblock it.

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