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  •  Christie will call their bluff (1+ / 0-)
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    and assume that teabaggers will still vote for him as a lesser evil against Hillary Clinton.

    Look, no Presidential candidate, regardless of ideology will pick Ted Cruz as VP.  He would just be a complete pain in the ass to deal with when governing.  I think someone like Christie would even prefer Rand Paul to Ted Cruz.  

    Getting elected is important, but governing is too.  There is no way that Cruz would do anything but be a spoiled brat and a backstabber as VP.   John McCain picked Palin because he thought that she would be like her record in Alaska, one of largely a conservative reformer.  I don't think he realized (nor did anyone else) that she was really a crazy nutjob.

    •  My perceptions may lag, having not watched Cruz's (0+ / 0-)

      stand-up routine of recent days,

      so my comments mainly reflect my general view that, for most Presidential candidates (especially current Republicans), the order of priorities is clearly:

      1. First to win the nomination,

      2. Second to win the general election,

      3. Third to govern.

      Tea-baggers at the Republican convention might have enough delegates to do more than bluff at the nomination stage, in light of how many primary votes went to Santorum and other non-Romneys in 2012.

      It is possible that Christie, rather than accept Cruz as the price of nomination of 2016, would ultimately decide to seek an "I told you so" nomination in 2020 or 2024, but I perceive Christie as correctly judging that 2016 is his one shot before his New Jersey-derived electability argument begins to fade.

      A related point is that Presidential candidates used to like having a mad dog on their ticket to do the relatively crude mud-splattering, although Christie seems to like to wade in it himself.

      •  Teabaggers won't be able to (0+ / 0-)

        force Cruz on the ticket (unless they have a majority of delegates, in which case someone like Cruz will be the nominee.).  Most likely Christie gives them half a loaf with someone like Paul Ryan, but I would be surprised if Christie simply tells the teabaggers to fuck themselves and picks a establishment woman as VP.

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