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View Diary: A Union Child in A Confederate Home (7 comments)

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    John Keats!!!

    The rest of you are cheek-pinchingly wonderful when it comes from these 99.2% true stories. I treasure every compliment and gentle word.


    But John! You take my breath away ("I have no breath!" ten cents to the person who id's that quote.).

    I would love to be immortalized and... rec'd? Sounds good whatever it is!

    And the attitudes about Stravinsky! Love it. He was a poop head. Saying something like that in front of all those other kids and teachers! He should be ki... oh, right, he's already dead.

    We can only hope he was planted face down. Go, Ma!

    I have many other stories in my life; I remember so many of them, which is undoubtedly why I became a writer and not a vet, what with the... you know... needle...

    Let us speak of better times. And you know I will! K keeps telling me he''ll make a home of my own online, and keeps forgetting, or, when I remind him, he gets pissed and says "I need you there to help me, I don't know what you want!"

    Like I do?? Until then, I'll keep barging in on his site. Nyah.

    :)  SSK

    (And who is this "by you" on "soon"?

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