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  •  The debt keeps growing (13+ / 0-)

    because cowardly, bought-and-paid-for politicians refuse to admit that having a top marginal tax bracket of (now) $450,000 in a land full of (often idle) millionaires and billionaires promotes not only keeps the Treasury coffers drained, but encourages HOARDING. Or that a tax code which rewards passive income over labor, with favorable rates, is ridiculously unjust and immoral.

    Hoarding - you heard it here first, apparently - is the single greatest problem facing this country and the world at this time. Excessive greed, out of control money laundering into tax shelters, maximizing profits...

    Hoarding keeps salaries deflated as execs crave that extra million; deflated salaries skimp Social Security and force people onto government assistance, with food stamps, earned income tax credits and such. Three billion/year to subsidize Walmart employees with food stamps and Medicaid? You know, the Walton family, six kids who inherited more wealth than the bottom half of America COMBINED, and who are, in effect, being handed $3,000,000,000 of taxpayer money to keep their employees alive and (stupidly) content?

    The debt is also growing because the middle class got hammered in the great recession of 2008, where their property values plummeted, thus depressing local tax coffers as well - a financial collapse brought on WHOLLY by the insatiable GREED of the banker class.

    The debt is also growing because of a military industrial complex that is anything but an investment in future commerce and well-being of a society, gobbling up resources like some great parasite, and demanding use, which results in more suffering than good almost all of the time.

    And YOU come in here and berate a program that will actually help people get basic medical care, a program that has BENT THE FREAKING COST CURVE in the right direction; a program with reforms that took the private companies out of administering Medicare Part D, skimming billions of taxpayer dollars for private profit; a program that attempts to alter medicine for the poor from last minute, huge (and often futile) expense to a system of preventive care, which is much better for everyone and everything ($$$) involved; a program that took the middleman banks out of student loans, saving billions...

    A program that is a gigantic boon to the entrepreneur, who can now take the chance on his or her business idea because doing so won't leave his or her family without health insurance. Go sit with a bunch of self-employed people and tell them the evils of Obamacare if you're ever interested in learning some off-color language.

    There, sound to you like I'm ignoring anything there, friend? Because it sounds more to me like you're the one with the koolaid addiction, along with a healthy dose of uncritical thinking, along with a decidedly anti-Christian view of morality.

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