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  •  As one who suffers from a GI condition and is-- (8+ / 0-)

    --sensitive to differing brands of the same foods-- I concur with those posting that you need to look past this one individual's lack of periphery on social issues-- and pay heed to your afflicted son's needs.

    Karma will have it's own way of addressing this man's personal shortcomings.

    As an example-- my wife's step-father was fairly wealthy, and powerful within his profession. He lorded his money and assets over his family of 5 children (excluding wifey, as she wasn't his)-- and continued into their adulthood. Even to the point of restricting the flow of their inheritances (which they've since circumvented).

    His kids ended up loathing him, his grand-kids mocked him (away from his presence; and even moreso after he passed).

    While I wouldn't wish this on anyone-- karma intervened in his later years.

    He was institutionalized over some brain/chemical imbalance-- and was straight-jacketed for his violent tendencies-- and his predilection for smearing his feces all over his walls.

    As an biased observer over several decades-- still I never laughed or made light of the outcome.

    Who knows what karma and fate have in store for any of us?

    But please, please-- do what you need to for your boy!


    “If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” --Peace Pilgrim

    by jw1 on Thu Sep 26, 2013 at 12:22:05 PM PDT

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