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  •  I thought the finale was perfect, that Vince (30+ / 0-)

    Gilligan hit every big note I hoped he'd hit, which I think is a sign of a writer respecting his show, the show's characters and the show's fans.

    So many times, writers freak in a finale. They think they have to prove all over again how cleaver they are, so they try to do something big and different and hugely surprising. Their egos wreck it.

    VG didn't do that. He'd already done so many cool, interesting, surprising things. He'd created a great world with great characters. He knew it was time to merely wrap everything us, that the audience deserved answers, and he wanted to give the answers to them. Yes! Exactly what we all deserved.

    I loved that he got to show the Grey Matters couple one more time how much smarter he is than the are. But even then, he still kept his eye on his biggest goal, no this own ego, but getting money to his family. He's learned a lesson. He's really working for his family now. He knows he lost sight of that somewhere along the way, and it ruined everything. But now, he sees it. He'd probably like to really hurt the GM duo, but he settles for just a bit of scaring them and showing them he's outsmarted them, but it's really about getting the money to the family.

    Lydia is still greedily wanting to hurt people by selling drugs, and Walt helped her create that empire, and he will now take it down. It's the right thing to do. He put this evil into the world, and he will destroy it to try to make amends and because it's right.

    Same with Uncle Jack and the boys and Todd.

    I think when he saw Jesse, it was one of those moments left from teaching. He devoted his life to it. Jesse is still his pupil. He brought Jesse into that life, where Jesse ended up a pathetic meth slave and so many people had died, two of his girlfriends. I think Walk can see in the biggest teaching job of his career, with Jesse, the one he taught the most, he failed, failed miserably. It's up to him to try to save what's left of Jesse.

    And right that Jesse gets to kill Creepy Todd and refuse to kill Walt. It's a small bit of payback for Jesse. If Walt wants this, Jesse's not going to give it to him. He has one thing left to withhold -- not pulling the trigger.

    The scene with Skyler I think was the best. She seems so broken there, having barely survived. Her hand is shaking so much as she smokes. You can feel her hanging by a thread. You look at her and think, this is what Walt did to her (mostly Walt) and she is suffering for what she did, too, by not having anyone or anything except her baby to take care of and her son. She has to suffer by living through this. Walt's last gesture to her, other than the money, is to give her the location of Hank's body. (Also part of his amends.) To give her something to trade and stay out of trouble with the law.

    I was surprised by how many people thought Walt would live in the end. He has nothing to live for. His family hates him. His drug empire is gone. Jesse's left. (Remember, Hank's phone had that fake photo of Jesse dead. The police will find that with Hank's body. Jesse is free. He gets to start over.)

    But for Walt, there's nothing left.

    I was surprised and pleased to hear him admit to Skyler that he liked it -- the power he never had in life, proving he was so much more cleaver than so many people. Even though in doing it, he now sees that he ruined everything. So he paid a price for his own ego and pride. Of course, he did. That's the lesson. Satisfying our ego and our pride often comes at a price.

    So, great job. Exactly what we wanted, what we deserved. Bravo.

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    by teresahill on Mon Sep 30, 2013 at 11:33:04 AM PDT

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