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  •  I thought the ending was phenomenal. (24+ / 0-)

    Ultimately, it granted Walt redemption while still ensuring he paid the price for his actions.

    Mr. RenaRF is a "late bloomer" with respect to BB.  I remember when I first started watching on Netflix telling him he should come and watch and he wasn't interested.  But recently, he wanted to give it a shot, so a few weeks ago I started watching with him from the beginning.  With him, I'm about 3/4 of the way through Season 2.

    Mr. RenaRF indicated to me that he would watch the finale with me.  I talked him out of it - I explained that the whole series is an arc.  What he thinks now in season 2 is not what he's going to think when we get into season 3, and then by seasons 4 and 5 he's going to feel completely different. He couldn't possibly appreciate and savor the arc - I argued - if he skipped more than half of its beauty to get to the other side.  He relented.  He may hear that Walt ultimately died at the end - but that won't matter.  Because it's the arc of his story that really matters, not what ultimately happens to him.

    Mr. RenaRF commented as well that meth is now going to be glorified.  Remember, though - this is his impression through 1 and 3.4 seasons of watching.  I told him that I would remind him of that comment after he got through it all and see if he still held that opinion.  I rather think not, for all the reasons you cited.

    •  The meth was secondary..... (4+ / 0-)
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      kyril, Tommy Aces, Avila, splashy

      even tertiary to the arc of the characters. What an awesome, sad, finality it was.

      Where do we go from here?

      Breaking Sad.

      You can continue to serve with

      by rickeagle on Mon Sep 30, 2013 at 11:44:38 PM PDT

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    •  Its the phenomenology that makes the story work (3+ / 0-)
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      Buckeye54, Avila, splashy

      With a character named Heisenberg for the Heisenberg uncertainty principal, and a focus on the sort of transformations that cause time and space to be stretched let alone characters and situations and what passes for greymatter as opposed to the darkmatter which is the bulk of the universe to be doing something there in the background the real star of the show has to be the craft of science. Science can make cancer drugs and poisons, both get used in the last episode.

      There is as much craft to working out how to place an M60 in the trunk of a car and park it so as to optimize the scenario where you get it and the trunk lid to rise up while the gun fires a belt of ammunition in a level traverse the width of a building without jamming as there is in making a box out of wood which opens and closes with a satisfyingly close fit.

      There is also a bit of quantum uncertainty as to whether Walt has properly worked out how to end up with the keys in his hand rather than out of reach on the other side of the table.

      For me Walter Whites enjoyment of life is solving the puzzles of how to use his adversaries predictable reactions as there is in observing whether his chemical reactions are exothermic or endothermic and thus whether the difference between  getting the last couple of percent of purity out of the blue depends on having a blast chiller as part of the lab equipment.

      The role as teacher never ends and its a part of being a good teacher that ultimately your students surpass you.
      That the Blue meth made by Jesse is better than ever is the real culmination of the story for me, the rest is just a matter of technique.

      Live Free or Die --- Investigate, Incarcerate

      by rktect on Tue Oct 01, 2013 at 04:01:06 AM PDT

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